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The Older You Get the Better Your Chances to Win Your Social Security Disability in Mississippi: Ages 55 -66​

There are days I think the folks who decide Mississippi Social Security Disability applications are told to ignore the law or they're not given the information about a person's age. I see all these denials saying a person age 55 and older can't do their past work but there is something else they can do. That's not all the law.

Come on now, the older you get the harder it is to find a job - especially if you can't go back to what you know how to do. That's just common sense. You know that. I know that. That's also Social Security disability law. so, there's something to do about a denial.

Here's what happened to you. Every Social Security disability case starts at Disability Determination Services (DDS) which isn't Social Security. These folks are in the Mississippi state Department of Education. DDS does this work under contract. This happens in every state and in every state DDS says it does not have a quota for denials. Strange to me that every state in the union denies folks at about a 70% rate give or take a few points. I suspect you got caught in this numbers game because folks at hearings who are 55  to 66 get approved a much higher rate than this pittance at DDS.

Getting older makes it harder to get a job but easier to get Social Security disability in Mississippi. Believe it or not, if you have been denied but are age 55-65 then you have some advantages on the appeal to a Mississippi Social Security disability judge and appeal to that judge is what you have to do.

You and I both know folks have trouble finding new jobs the older we get.  I'm 60 and I have a lot of friends who lost out and can't get back in. Older workers may be able to do better work because of knowledge and experience but younger folk are cheaper and employers may not want the best but only good enough at a low cost. Sometimes as the world changes, we can't do the same jobs. I used to be an engineer but there is no way I could go back to that because of all the changes in how design is done.  If you can't go back to the work you've done before, I'm with you I understand.

Oddly enough, so does Social Security disability in Mississippi. Let me tell you what went wrong if you're disabled and denied and why you couldn't do anything about it. Your case went to Disability Determination Services , DDS, a part of the Mississippi Department of Education that does the initial Social Security disability evaluations. That's not Social Security disability itself. Social Security disability in Mississippi and elsewhere accounts for a person's age. I have seen many, many denials of 55-65 year olds by DDS where they say you can't return to past work. Never have I seen them account for the person's age. They just say they can find work. That's not the entire law a Mississippi Social Security disability lawyer or the judge uses in a hearing.

There is still a way to get your disability - the insurance you paid for when you worked; what they took out your paycheck. This means there is a way to live with some dignity without borrowing from family and friends and without selling everything you have. You can get your medical insurance so you can go to the doctors and hospitals you need to get better. You can get your medication. The load can come off your shoulders if you win your Social Security disability case.

You use your age to do this. If you can't do the work you did before because of your disability - whatever the disability is - then your Social Security disability lawyer in Mississippi will take the next step under the law: look at 1) any skills that transfer to other work and 2) limits to light work, say 20 pounds lifting with limited standing, walking and/or sitting. If your skills from the jobs you have done in the last 15 years don't have skills that can be used in lighter work and you can't do light work or less, then the Social Security disability law says your disabled.

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Winning Social Security Disability in Mississippi at age 55-65: