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Dennis Harmon

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An Unusual Way to Start in Law:
Closer to the Life of My Clients Than You Might Expect

Some lawyer's start on the wrong side of the tracks as one time neighborhoods were called. I really did start on the wrong side of the tracks - the L&N Railroad was on the bottom of the hill at 41st Way which is a part of town called Inglenook in Birmingham. (That's before it turned into a shooting gallery.) I live in Columbus, Mississippi now and have an office there and in Tuscaloosa and Carrollton, Alabama but I don't forget my roots come from a railroaders neighborhood with Alabama Byproducts which processed coal into coke for the steel mills down one way, Stockam Valves Foundry and the Bama Food plant another with the Birmingham Airport on the other side of the hills from the tracks. Good solid people who worked hard for their living but didn't spend time in the country clubs. None of those on this side of town. My father moved us out when I was young but I have not forgotten where I came from and where my people came from.

Not many lawyers I know started out in engineering. I know only two off the top of my head but I'm sure there are more. At Auburn Engineering, I'm the only one I know who was thinking about it as I worked my way through school as a co-op student at Alabama Power. That is, I went to school a quarter then worked a quarter. I also worked my way through law school at Ole Miss. The first year I coached the debate team - not many engineers who debated and coached in college. Not too many wander that far off the beaten path. Backed off school for a few years while I designed pollution control systems for coal fired utility power plants and later for industrial power systems.

In that last gig, the economy nosedived in Reagan's first years. My company decided to close up shop in the US and went back home to Sweden. They left owing me money. That put me where you are now - out of work, no money and needing a lawyer. I found one in Atlanta where I was living there. He did a good job and got my money for me in time to finish law school ( along with my job as a law clerk and selling a car). But he required $500 to start the case which I needed myself since I didn't really have it. That still rankles me to this day after practicing more than 30 years.  That's why I prefer to take Mississippi Social Security disability cases without any up front money for medical records or any other work and would rather wait until my client is paid when we can both get paid.

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