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Social Security turns down 70% of folks at the first step but approves about half or more of those who appeal. So, don't give up. Take the next step.

If you're reading this, I'm going assume you have your back against the wall but Social Security disability has turned you away at the door even though you are disabled. You money is going or is gone because you haven't been able to work for at least 12 months - the first test in Social Security disability law. Unless you have some VA disability started already, friends and family are supporting you as best they can and you're tired of that.  You want to support yourself. Your Social Security disability is disability insurance. You've paid into this with every pay check and now it's time for

that insurance you paid for to kick in. But you've been stopped from living in dignity and probably without medical insurance because you have a piece of paper that says you're not disabled but you know you can't work. That about sums up how you're living these days?
If you want to know what happened to you and why you are sitting at home - or worse at someone elses home because you can't pay the mortgage or rent - I can give you a bit of insight but will have to talk to you about your Mississippi Social Security disability case before I can give you a detailed answer. The short first answer is something other than Social Security disability in Mississippi worked up and decided your case.
All the letters and phone calls you got in this first stage came from Jackson, MS. The group there is Disability Determination Services (DDS) which is part of the Mississippi Department of Education. They do the work for Social Security disability but they are not Social Security disability themselves. Every state in the Union, uses a DDS in their state and everyone comes within a few percentage points of denying folks who apply for Social Security Disability. Some a few more, some a few less; Mississippi is near the middle denying Social Security disability. All deny there is a quota to deny folks. It's more than a bit skeptical since all hover around the same percentage of denials. You can decide for yourself.
Me, I'm on to the next step about what to do about your denial. If I can get your Mississippi Social Security disability started, you can go to get back pay for the denial time lost while at the same time get your monthly checks with either Medicaid or Medicare or both that will pay doctors, hospitals and medications. Mississippi Social Security disability is here to give you the dignity of living on your own without relying on friends and family for groceries, light and water. You've paid for this insurance policy. When you need it, the Mississippi Social Security disability policy ought to pay up so you can live with some measure of mental peace and comfort that you are due for your work and payroll tax payments.
When we can win a Mississippi Social Security disability case, that's what a lawyer like me can do for you. I've been doing this for more than 25 years now and practicing law for more than 30.  I've been down this road as a guide for many years and for many people. For you, I will break down your case starting with your medical or mental conditions. Then we go to age. Mississippi Social Security Disability breaks down ages in several ways which, as I lawyer, I use to present your case in its strongest position. Individuals who are 18-49 are considered younger. These test a lawyer because Mississippi Social Security disability judges will need very good evidence to show the claimant cannot do even very, very light work for 8 hours at a time. The next stage in Mississippi Social Security disability law is for people who are 50-54. Here a disability lawyer like me looks to prove you can't go back to past work if your in this age group and whatever you know how to do to make a living cannot be transferred to something else in light work, say nothing more than lifting and carrying 20 pounds and limited walking and standing. The next age group is 55 and above. This includes folks who have to retire at 62 for health reasons but would like to increase their monthly payments up to the disability rate. Folks 55 and above are called "advanced age." (Sorry about the label. I'm there with you at 60.) Here a good Mississippi Social Security Disability lawyer focuses on proving the person cannot return to past work, cannot transfer skills and is limited to "sedentary work if any."  This means something as light or lighter than a file clerk. To win a Mississippi Social Security Disability case, I have to go this far down into the weeds and further just to find the evidence I need to win for you. That's what we work on every day.
There is one other area to prove to win a Mississippi Social Security case because so many veterans live in and around Columbus, MS where the Mississippi office sits :  using VA disability ratings to speed up and prove a companion Mississippi Social Security disability case. Social Security has made some changes recently so it can move on VA disability ratings to move a case to be heard quickly - average time for a Mississippi Social Security disability case is 14-16 months after an appeal requesting a judge is made. A veteran with a VA disability rating of 70-100% moves to the front of the line for hearing. Social Security disability has also decided it will pay attention to the ratings. For years Social Security disability would not pay attention to the VA ratings because it wasn't the same as its own rating system. After nearly unanimous and frequent Court's of Appeals decisions it lost over this issue,  Social Security disability has agreed to give significant weight to the VA findings. When this information is given to Mississippi Social Security disability it not only speeds up consideration but can speed up awards of disability. We use VA disability every chance we get in a Mississippi Social Security disability case.
What you should do now is call us or email us if you think  a  Mississippi Social Security disability lawyer like me who has followed this law for more than 25 years can help you. There is no charge to look over your case to see if I can help. If I take your case, you pay nothing to start. I will pay everything up front for the case. If we lose, you owe me nothing for my time or the money I spent. If we win, the judge sets the fee at a maximum of 25% of back pay - that is 25% of what you didn't have before and I won for you - and you can pay me back for the money I spent when your money comes in but not before. That's about as fair as I know how to make it.

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662-328-9365 or email at . There is a deadline when you have been denied so call now so we can appeal or you may have to start over.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon so I can help you with your Mississippi Social Security Disability case.
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